Innovative premium mailshots from the North Sea coast.
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  • Premium quality guaranteed

    Our expectations for our products and processes
    are very clearly defined: simply the best.

  • Data Protection Declaration

    The importance of data protection has increased considerably with the constant development of digital technology. In awareness of this responsibility, normpack has its own strict guidelines on data protection.

  • normpack – the film

    Experience the fascination of direct mail engineering.
    Captured at up to 1,500 images per second.

  • The normpack principle

    Creativity develops ideas. Ideas develop expectations.
    Expectations develop solutions.

  • International competence

    We can also work internationally.
    Experienced. Competent. Reliable.

At home by the sea

When it comes to the subject of the North Sea, it is almost impossible not to think immediately of things like the raw and healthy climate...

Certificates & Awards

Awards represent appreciation for outstanding services. And in fact we were simply doing our job.

normpack – the film

Experience the fascination of direct mail engineering. Captured at up to 1,500 images per second.

Sectors which put their trust in us

  • Banks
    Car manufacturers
    Aid organisations
  • Lottery
    Public institutions
    Publishing houses
  • Insurance companies
    Advertising agencies

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